Posted on 18 March 2017

What Footwear To Combine Your Swimwear


It's a beach day; I’m all donned in my bikini and ready to head out but what do I do for footwear? Fashion is important every day and under no circumstance should you ever compromise on your fashion sense. It is therefore very imperative that you pick out the perfect footwear that will not only complement your swimwear but also offer you comfort.

Beach footwear is very easy to figure out because you do not need the six-inch heels or lace boots, you just need flats or wedges since these are the best to cover sandy beach paths and pooldecks. It gets interesting, though; many women regard flats as the most comfortable shoes in the world, I fall into this category because we can all agree heels may be sexy but they take a toll on your body.

Picking out the right footwear for beach day means I feel even more comfortable with my body and fashion sense. Many people do not know that picking out footwear that matches up to your swimwear is a thing; I’m letting you know now, it is as important as picking out the right bikini, cover-up, pair of shades or your beach hat! 

Why choose particular footwear for the beach

Besides the fact that beach shoes are trendy at the beach and any other type of shoe would look and feel uncomfortable, most beach footwear design is so that they are water friendly. Visiting the beach with a shoe that does not do well in the water destroys the shoe.

There is the issue of safety too. I would rather you did not learn this the hard way which is why I’m telling you in advance to ensure that you have the right footwear for the beach. These shoes suit you for the water, and most of them have coarse designs to make sure that they do not get slippery and lead you to fall.

Mariana Downing in Snake Lime Green Bikini Top & Bikini Bottom with Gold wedges

Beach footwear for your swimwear and resort wear

It mainly comprises of flat sandals, flip-flops, espadrilles or open wedges if you want glam up your beach outfit a bit more. They are mostly open shoes because of the sand. If you found yourself at the beach with closed shoes, you know it’s not an experience to write home about since you will stop after every step to get out the sand in the shoes. Thankfully, these types of footwear have made it possible to be trendy and fashionable at the beach, while your body soaks in the sun and the water, your toes get in some air and relax.

The design and color of the footwear is all dependent on your tastes and likes. The best part about beach shoe is that you do not have to worry about such things as long as you are comfortable in your pick. I find that when you are girly bright colors work great but so does black, gold, nude or silver.


 From left to right: Havaianas, Chanel Sandals, Chanel Jelly Sandals, Havaianas, Chanel Mules, Valentino Jelly Slippers, Chanel Jelly Slippers, Gold Sandals Charlotte Russe

Flip-flops are an excellent choice for the beach. They are comfortable and very aerated. Your feet are on cloud nine as they soak in the breeze, coarseness of the sand and the water. Not only are they not slippery but they will compliment any swimwear that you are in at the beach. Whether you are in a bikini or a one piece, you will never go wrong choosing flip flops. Opt for a flip-flop with a Swarovski Crystal of Havaianas or a nice flip-flop with a bow and you have the right amount of casual, relaxed and chic, I guarantee it!


From left to right: Black Espadrilles of Pretty Little Thing, White Espadrille of Pretty Little ThingsPink Gucci Espadrille, Blue Denim Valentino Espadrille, Cream Step-Ins

Strap sandals or espadrilles, they are comfortable and come in so many variations; they can be funky and elegant. Although most people take off their shoes once they get to the beach; when you are in espadrilles or sandals, you do not even remember that you had shoes in the first place. Any swimwear you don in these shoes works perfectly.

From left to rightMystique Red Sandals with Crystals, Silver Chanel Sandals, Colored Valentino Strap Sandals, Black Valentino Sandals, Gold With Love from Cyprus Sandals and Gladiators, Mystique Silver Sandals wth Crystals, 

Wedges dress up any beach outfit and are always handy to take along so you can switch your flip-flops for wedges when the day turns into the night. For some occasions such as trendy beach clubs in Ibiza, Marbella, Mallorca, Miami, etc. a wedge during the day just gives that little extra glam to your outfit so you stand more then when you would wear just a simple flip flop. Especially when you are not too tall, a wedge is the perfect match!

From left to right:
Black Barboullaga Wedge of Christian Laboutin, Embroided sued Platform Espadrille of Gucci, Gold Wedge of Christian Laboutin, Colored Madmonica Wedge of Christian Laboutin, Red Wedge of Nicholas KirkwoodGold Wedge of Gilt, Cataconico Plateau of Christian Laboutin

Beach footwear is designed in bright sunny colors mostly which brings more vigor to your beach day. The colors are sure to excite you immediately you look at the shoes. I find that a good beach day entails having the right outfit from head to toe. So match a nice pair of flip-flops, strapped sandals, espadrilles or wedges to your beach outfit and steal the show!





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