Posted on 13 December 2017

What boob support to add to your swimsuit


Bust support is imperative for every woman. Many swimsuits do not take this into account, and this leads to complaints and discomfort for women. A majority of women do not like the up and down boob dance after every step that they take. It is tough to find the perfect swimsuit that gives ample support especially for women with big bosoms.

Women everywhere have taken matters into their hands and began adding different kinds of support so that they are comfortable. It is one thing to be sexy and quite another to be sexy and comfortable. I’m sure many woman will pick comfort over hot any day.

First of all it is of course very important to find yourself the right style bikini that offers the support you are looking for. Then to get more support or to cover the nipples if this bothers you, then you can add boning or pads to your swimsuit. It has to be a perfect job so that you do not ruin your look while at it. Depending on the ease of installation and the amount of support you need, you choose the best one for you.


  • Boning

It is very easy to insert. You get great support, and the shape of your swimsuit top remains the same. The beauty of boning is that you construct it yourself which means that it can fit into any swimsuit that you want it. The process is easy to follow and quick. It takes you no time to get ready for an unforgettable comfortable summer.

Various brands already provide boned swimwear, so make sure to choose your swimwear wisely before you go to the trouble of inserting the boning yourself. For a bikini top, a side seam is what you need. It the bikini top does not contain this insertion, then sew the side seam first and then sew another ¼ inch from the first seam. Cut a piece of plastic boning into the size you want and insert it between the two seams. The piece of boning that you insert must be shorter than the length of the seam so that you leave space for elastic at the top and the bottom.

For a one piece suit, you need the same process as the bikini top. You need to, however, ensure that you sew the bottom of the seams with straight stitches so that your swimsuit maintains its shape and gives you the support that you need.

A ready to wear swimwear requires that you sew the two vertical seams, slice a small space at the top so that you insert the boning. Remember that you need the bottom closed. Once the boning is in place, sew the slit, and you are ready to go.

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  • Bra cups

Bra cups are an easy fix on your swimsuit, and you get all the comfort that you need. There are easy steps to follow, and the swimsuit will still look good. The cups can stay in place by themselves, or you will need to tack them in depending on your swimwear design. Many bikini tops come with a slit in which you can easily insert a bra cup. Ensure that you get it right by trying on the suit as you fix them in place.

The first thing you need to do is choose the pad that you want. Different people prefer different pads and the sizes also significantly differ. You want to decide in advance whether you want an enhancer, a shaper, a full coverage pad or a push-up. If you want to add the size of your bust, there are pads for that function also.

When you want a shaper or a push-up, you need to consider whether you want a full circle, triangle or half circle pads. What kind of support are you looking for and do you want to enhance your cleavage? These are all important questions to ponder over. You can fit different cups in various swimsuits also so that you have options.

When fitting it in place, ensure that it will be concealed by the swimwear top completely. In the case of suits with breast pockets, insert the cup between the inner lining and the pockets. If there is no pocket, then the pad will be in direct contact with your skin. Securing the pad in place is crucial so that it does not show or fall off.

Waterproof tape is great at ensuring that your pads stay in place and have protection from water. Once the pad is in place, test it out before stepping out with it. You need to be sure that it will not slip or protrude.

Sewing in the cups on your swimwear is also an option. Ensure that the stitches and the pad are not visible. The pads must be symmetrical and comfortable. When you have the right pads in place, you will not only be comfortable but also enhance your bust by shaping, pushing up or even adding the size.

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