Posted on 29 June 2017

The top 10 exercises for a perfect bikini body

Summer is around the corner, and you still feel like you are not in tip top shape to rock a bikini and leave people gasping, well you do not have to worry. There are easy exercises that you can take advantage of to get that body in the shortest time possible. These exercises are not excruciating, you do not need a trainer either, and you can do them for twenty minutes every morning.

It is very easy to give up on working out but having a goal helps you stay focused. I vouch for these exercises and encourage you to create time and commit to them. Whenever you feel like quitting, remind yourself of the goal which of course is the perfect bikini body. Remember that you will not enjoy summer when you feel bloated.

Many people have different perceptions of what a perfect body should be and therefore with these exercises, you get to work on all parts of your body to get an even toned body. Concentration on some parts makes you uneven and makes you hate summer. Here are the best exercises:

  1. Single leg deadlift

It is an easy to do exercise that is great for the core and glutes. It also helps reduce back pains while giving you a toned body. Stand on your left leg and then raise the right one behind you. Bend forward from your hip and bend your left knee so that your upper half and the right leg are parallel to the ground. Hold that position for a minute then begin lowering your body as far as you can and pushing back up to the original position. Ensure to keep your chest while during the exercise.

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  1. Half seated hip circle

Your thighs, abs, and oblique will thank you for this. Sit down and lean back enough to support yourself with elbows. Let your fingers hold the sides of your hips and ensure that the pelvis remains still. With your lower back touching the ground the whole time, lift your legs at a 60-degree angle. Let your inner thighs touch by pressing your legs together. Straighten your toes and move your feet in a circle ten times clockwise and then anti-clockwise. 

III.   Push up

I love push-ups because it is a very beneficial exercise. It works for the whole body. Just get down on your arms and legs. Keep your hands wider so that they level with your shoulders and keep your feet together. Start lowering your body and pushing back up without touching the ground.

  1. Side plank

Get that small waistline that you have been dying to flaunt. Side plank targets your lower abdomen muscles. Knees straight, lie on your left side and lift your body up using your left elbow and forearm. Raise your hips to have your body straight and hold the position. Do this on your right side too.


  1. Leg pull and push up

With this exercise, you focus on your chest, abs, glutes, arms and your back. You start by assuming a push-up position but have your arms under your shoulders. Push your abdomen up towards the spine. Lift your left leg and keep it straight with pointed toes at your hip height. Lift your leg and lower it at least five times. Do the same for the right leg and then attempt push-ups with each leg raised.

  1. Bridge

For a healthy back and round bottom, practice the bridge. Lie down facing upward and keep your knees bent while your feet are together and flat on the floor with you. Raise your hips to form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees and hold the position then lower back down.

VII.   Jump squats

It is jumping up and down but with your chest high and knees bent. Lower your hips and then jump from the ground as high as you can and repeat at least five times


VIII.   Step up

In this exercise, keep your chest and core engaged and try to balance your weight. Standing in front of a bench, raise your left leg onto the bench and lift the rest of your body until your left leg is straight and then lower back down. Repeat and switch legs.


  1. Shoulder stand

Lying down on your back, lift your legs until they are over your head and keep them pressed together. Lift your hips and with your hands supporting your back, raise your legs in the air so that your body is in a straight line from your shoulders to the ankles.

  1. Mountain climber

Lie in the push-up position. Raise your left leg from the ground, bend your knees and move the leg towards your left elbow. Hold the position then resume the start point and repeat with the right leg.

Enjoy your work-out!! 

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