Posted on 06 December 2017

The Five Perfect Bikinis To Get The Perfect Tan


A beautiful tan makes you look healthy and anything you wear looks better with a great tan!

When preparing to get a healthy and beautiful tan, there are various things you need to consider. I recommend the right swimwear –a bikini with little coverage to get a nice and even tan-, a good tanning lotion with sufficient sunscreen to protect your skin, a head to protect your face and hair, and a pair of sunglasses to protect you eyes from the sun. And to minimize the risk of the sun, choose the right time of the day to tan your body.


  1. The right swimwear

The first place to start is; have swimwear that not only suits your body type and makes you feel comfortable, but also prevents you from tanning with many stripes and lines over your body. Try to find yourself a little swimsuit that fits your body type well and makes you feel good about yourself. Here are some of the secrets I let you in on when it comes to choosing bikinis that help you get the perfect tan. Some of the best types of bikinis to get for a great tan include:

  • Triangle Top Bikinis

The most notable feature is that triangle bikinis have adjustable straps. They will give you lots of comforts while also giving you options so that you can control the tan lines. The triangle bikini top straps can tie at the neck and the back. You can easily adjust the straps, which in turn adjust the triangles coverage determining the coverage on your body. The bottom that would go best with a triangle bikini top would be the skimpy bikini bottom, which provides little coverage and a great tan, and the ruched back bikini bottom with tie-sides, which provides a moderate coverage and a great tan.

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  • Halter Bikini Top

A halter bikini tops will suit a modest individual correctly. It is amazing for plus size women, women with bigger breast and woman with very small breast. The halter bikini top holds the breast in a nice, comfortable way and provides sufficient coverage. For small-breasted woman the halter bikini top provides the push-up effect which makes the breast look fuller then they actually are. The areas affected most by tan lines are the chest and shoulders where the coverage ends. It covers all the right areas and ensures that you have minimal tan lines. The bottom can be your choice from a ruched back tie-sides bikini bottom with little coverage to a cheeky bikini bottom with moderate coverage to a boy shorts bikini bottom, which provides almost full coverage. All bottoms are great at preventing huge unattractive tans.

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  • Bandeau Bikini Top

Most bandeau top bikinis have straps that are removable, adjustable or have no straps at all. Through this, you can avoid the foul shoulder tan lines. Especially when you are planning to wear a strapless or off-shoulder dress or top, the Bandeau Bikini top comes in handy!

The lack of straps allows you to have no tan lines around the neck and shoulders. They also allow for even tanning on your back since the strap is narrow. For a great back tan, you can unfasten the top and allow for the sun to spread through your back evenly.

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  • Skimpy Bikini Bottom

The skimpy bikini bottom provides very little coverage and is therefor not made for everybody. The skimpy bikini should fit your body type and you need to feel comfortable with your body when wearing this style bikini. It is the best bikini style for the most even tan.

Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Snake Silver Skimpy Tie Sides Bottom, Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Black Skimpy Tie Sides Bottom


  • Ruched Back Bikini Bottom with Tie-sides

The ruched back bikini bottom with tie sides will not only work as the perfect swimwear that gives you comfort, but it will also minimize the risk of strange tan lines. I think the reason why it should be something you consider is due to the flexible nature. You get to decide how much of your body gets to tan, which minimizes ugly unwanted tans.

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  • Cheeky Bikini Bottom

The Cheeky bikini bottom provides moderate coverage and will also give you a great sun tan. The broader bands on the hips will make many woman feel more comfortable wearing this style.

Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Snake Hot Pink Cheeky Bikini BottomThalassa Boom Resort Wear Alligator Green Cheeky Bikini Bottom, Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Snake Gold Cheeky Bikini Bottom with Swarovski Crystals

  1.  Tan Swimwear

Technology has brought us a long way, now anything is possible, and we are happier about it. I not only have no more ugly tan line complaints, but I can also get a whole body tan with a tan through bikini. Yes, you heard me right, there is swimwear fabric that now allows for this. All the exposed and covered parts of your body get the same exposure to the sun, and you get a perfect whole body tan. With this kind of bikini, it's goodbye ugly tan lines forever.

With these great bikini top and bikini bottom styles, you are sure that you do not just step out for one day of summer and spend the rest of it covered up because of unsightly tan lines. Bikinis may be very tiny, but they serve a very significant purpose. Carefully select one that not only gives you comfort but also helps to give you the perfect even tan.

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  1. Tanning Lotions

Choice of swimwear is not the only thing to consider. A good tanning Lotion is actually even more important, to protect your skin from the bad sunrays and to get the best and most beautiful results.

Now, there is a big difference between getting a tan and getting sun burnt. We do not want you to get sunburns in the name of looking for a tan. Going overboard is not only bad for your skin; it could even ruin your holiday!

There are many brands on the market and with each lotion you may tan differently. Some will provide a natural brown tan, some a more golden tan and various a more orange tan. Choose the lotion you like best (smell can also be important in you choice) and make sure your lotion does not contain any hazardous ingredients and don’t forget to check the sunscreen in each lotion. The higher the sunscreen the better your skin is protected against the sun.

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  1. Head & Sunglasses

A head is not only great to accessorize your outfit; it also helps to protect your face and hair from the sun. The skin of your face is much more delicate then the skin of the rest of your body and therefor should be protected even more then your body. A head provides just a bit more shade and at the same time protects your hair. Especially colored hair should be protected from the sun. Not only does the sun fade colored hair, it also dries it out. A good product to protect your hair, paired with a nice head, is absolutely advisable for a day at the beach or the pool.

Sensi Studio Suede-trimmed toquilla straw Panama hat, Bee print GG Supreme baseball hatQuay Australia Hidden Hills Sunglasses 

  1. Choose the right time of the day to enjoy your tan

Avoid the harsh hours of the sun between noon and 3 PM. During these hours the sun shines at it’s best and the changes to get burned are great. The best hours to build a nice and even tan are between 9-11 AM and after 3 PM. These are the best hours to build a nice tan. It is better to gradually build a tan in various days then to spend whole days non-stop in the sun. The right amount of sun combined with the right amount of protection will provide you with a more natural and longer lasting tan.










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