Posted on 16 October 2017

The Perfect Beach Look


The summer is a great time of the year and many will seek the sun and the beach to relax and enjoy this season. For many women it is important that their fashion sense pops, so what to wear to beach and how to create the perfect beach look will require some time.

Looking good translates to feeling good and I know every woman cares about how she looks and what people think when they see her. So make sure you start your work-out program in time so you feel confident about your body and choose the right swimwear and resort wear to create your perfect beach look!

The perfect beach look entails putting together your beach wear flawlessly. Ensure you have everything you need. Here is what you need and how you can put together the perfect beach look that has the rest of the population whispering about you and complementing your style.


  • Swimsuit

When it comes to your swimwear selection, go all out! Find the best swimwear available that is comfortable and beautiful. There are many types, styles and sizes to choose from. Do not try too hard to impress anyone. Impress yourself first by picking something that you are comfortable walking around in anytime. Do not squeeze into a small suit and spend the whole time trying to adjust.

Choose the color that you want carefully and depending on how long you will be at the beach, choose the fabric too. If it is a vacation, pack more than one swimsuit, so you have choices. Your swimsuit should complement your skin tone and your body; it should accentuate your curves. 

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  • Cover up

Choose a cover up that matches your swimwear. It is as essential as your swimsuit. Let your choice of cover-up be flattering and comfortable. It should complement your choice of swimwear. There is a broad range of options which work well for different body types. Know which cover up works for your body type for extra comfort. Do not make any compromises if you want a perfect beach look. Work to get it. A decorative cover up will never steer you wrong. It can accompany a single solid color swimsuit correctly.

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  • Footwear

Your choice of footwear also influences your look in a greater way than you may imagine. A nice pair of flats, sandals or wedges is ideal for the beach.

If you are a short woman, wedges will help you look taller so you can flaunt your legs. Flat shoes are comfortable and perfect for tall women. Your choice of sandals should be beach-appropriate and have good colors. Gold and silver footwear always work-out great and complement almost all swim and resort wear.


  • Jewelry

Since you are close to naked in your beachwear, it is important that you accessorize with jewelry to make your look more wholesome and attractive. You can invest in bracelets, earrings, body chains, wrist chains, necklaces, ankle bracelets and even hair pieces.

Knowing how to pair your swimwear with the perfect jewelry without overdoing it will be magic for your beach look. It makes your body more pronounced and adds to your style. The right choice of jewelry is important and the right colors too. Too much color clashing makes you look like a clown. You, therefore, have to consider color in everything you choose to wear.

Another option would be to buy accessorized swimwear. A beautiful bikini or monokini accessorized with genuine Swarovski Crystals is a great option. When wearing such a bikini no more jewelry is needed. Just a beautiful cover-up, nice shades , a head and some great sandals and your beach look is complete!


  • Beach bag

Every woman carries a handbag. It is a necessity, and therefore you should invest in the perfect beach bag. Again color should be a major consideration because you need your whole beach look to be complementary.

A very plain beach bag will however not cut it. You can choose a solid color bag that has a decorative detail or stunning color to it. You need this bag to put your magazines, book, makeup kit and anything else you need for your time at the beach.

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  • Hat

A hat is the epitome of your beach wear. Hats are stylish and class up any look. The choice of hat you make is also important. From the variety of beach hats available, choose the one that works for the rest of the beach wear that you have selected. With a solid color hat, you can get creative and add a ribbon that has the same color as your swimsuit.


  • Sunglasses

End the preparations by picking out the right sunglasses to complete your look. Sunglasses are integral for a beach day, and you should give thought to them when selecting. Choose sunglasses that you love and blend with your beachwear.


Create your perfect beach look by combining the above items and make sure you feel comfortable. Lack of confidence kills even the best beach look. A confident woman is sexy by it self and her wardrobe will only make her more beautiful.









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