Posted on 16 June 2017

The Five Best Cover-Ups for Your Body

A great body and bikini or swimsuit should also have a great cover-up. Everything about your beachwear needs to be stylish and chic; you cannot compromise even on the choice of cover-up that you make. I want to make it clear that a cover-up can kill your whole beach vibe, therefore, choose carefully and wisely.

Different types of cover-ups suit different bodies differently. This should not be a limiting factor, but I rather look at it as a great opportunity. Many types of cover-ups should all get to make a woman feel beautiful during her stroll along the beach under the sun.

Cover-ups play an integral part in your beach life. They give comfort and also protect from sun rays when it gets too hot. The main types of cover-ups are Kimonos, Tunics, Kaftans and Skirts.

The first step to picking a good cover-up is to know your body type and what works for your particular body type. Here is my breakdown of the best cover-up for what body type:

A kimono cover up is not only the perfect cover up, but I cannot begin to count the number of uses that a kimono will grant you. A beach is a tricky place where you get to bare your sexy, and while you are at it, you may need an accessory like a kimono or if you just feel like covering up when it gets overwhelming.

Kimonos are perfect for all builds. Since kimonos are longer, they cover up enough of your body and leave your legs partly showing. They also have an open front that flaunts your waistline, bust, and thighs while covering your back.

They are light and comfortable, available in different prints, which make them very attractive. You can match your kimono to your choice of swimwear or even pair it with some short or a jeans and top. Add some heels and you have a great casual chic look!

Mariana Downing in a Long Kimono with Gold Chains on Black in Organza, Mariana Downing in a Long Kimono with Gold & Brown Chains in Silk , Mariana Downing in a Long Kimono with Flower Zebra Print in Silk. All kimonos by Thalassa Boom Resort Wear.

Tunics are an acquired taste that is very quickly covering ground and taking over as everyone’s favorite type of cover up. The come in many varieties: fitted tunics, oversized tunics, net tunics, cotton tunics, long sleeved tunics, short sleeved tunics, sleeveless tunics, etc. They are mostly made from light fabrics that allows for aeration when you are in it.

It is an extended top with the word elegant and sexy added to it. It mainly reaches just above the knees, which help to cover up most of your body, and still shows your legs. Curvaceous women are suited for the tunic. It will hug the curves perfectly while giving a sexy look that is a beach must.

Tunics will also accompany you home after summer is over, you can wear them with shorts or any other bottoms you are comfortable. Many different tunics will fit many body types. I, however, feel that if you are short, a tunic is precisely what you need, pair it up with beach wedges to make you taller and your legs longer.

Mariana Downing in Black Fitted Tunic, Oversized Cotton Tunic, Silver Fitted Tunic. All by Thalassa Boom Resort Wear.

Beach skirts are for the bold, curvaceous or tall women who want to flaunt their bodies. Skirt cover ups are sexy and very convenient. Skirts are ideal for women who want the exposure of their upper body and cover up the lower. There are long skirts that will cover up all the way to your ankles while the short ones will let you show your legs.

Andrea Pedroso in a  Gold Mesh Skirt, Mariana Downing in a Black Metallic Mesh Skirt, Iris Juliam in a Silver Mesh Skirt.  All by Thalassa Boom Resort Wear.

A dress will suit many people. Those who have tiny waists but are slender should use a long sleeved kaftan. It does not hug your shoulder but hugs your stomach which makes your body curvaceous.

It will cover enough of you while still leaving enough of you uncovered. It is the perfect cover up. If you have a more curvaceous bottom, a long fitted or flowing dress will suit you perfectly by drawing attention from the flaring bottom and to the hugging top.

Even if you do not have a small waist, a dress can help you hide the tummy and give the small waist illusion.

Mariana Downing in a Fitted Gown Silver & Black Lace and a  Fitted Gown Gold & Black Lace

Enjoy your cover-ups and make sure they complement your swimwear to create that perfect beach look!




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