Posted on 29 January 2018

The 30-minute bikini booty pop

Let’s not kid anyone, working out is no fun, but we all want a perfect beach body including a booty pop. I think women have it very rough because while they want that beautiful bikini body most workouts are excruciating and require a lot of time to complete.

Committing to a serious work out for the summer while still juggling responsibilities and schedules is a tough nut. It is however very easy when your workout can take very little time. Squeezing 30 minutes is not difficult. It can be in the morning when you get up or just before bed. Personally, I favor mornings; it will double down as a great way to energize for the day while still getting that perfect rounded booty for your summer desires. You can engage in this easy 30 minute exercises. To be more efficient, do them in three bouts and follow strict timings.

  • Squats jacks

With your feet together, jump and then spread your legs and squat. Repeat this for 45 seconds and try to do as many as possible in the given time. Squat jacks are a good place to start. They will get you results as will offer a good transition into the rest of the workout.

  • Elbow plank with leg lift

Assume a plank position and bend your right knee and bring it towards your right elbow. Slowly take it back and give a back kick. Do this for 30 seconds on the right leg and 30 seconds on the left.

  • Leg curls

Lie down on your stomach and ensure that you keep your spine relaxed and the chest upright. Lift your legs from the knees and squeeze your glutes. Hold and straighten then repeat the same leg curls for 45 seconds.

  • Single leg floor bridge

With your back on the floor, bend your knees and keep your feet straight. Raise your right leg as high as you can, lift your hips too while holding the ground position for your upper body. Hold and lower slowly and then repeat for 30 seconds. Do the same for the left leg

  • Side planks

In a side plank position, you can begin to the right. Have the bottom leg bent, support with your arm and lift your top. Lift your left leg as high as possible and bring it back down. Repeat for half a minute and then switch to the left side and lift your right leg.

  • Romanian deadlift

Use dumbbells for this exercise and do it for 45 seconds. Push back your hips and have your torso parallel to the floor by lowering it. Hold this position and then restart again for great results.

  • Clams

For a minute, divide it into 30 seconds for each side. Lie on one side and ensure that one of your legs is on top of the other, bend your knees. Raise the top leg until it is in a straight line with your hips and hold then switch to the other side after 30 seconds and repeat.

  • Lunges and back kick

Stand with your legs apart, hip width apart and then place your right foot forward at least one step. Lunge slowly and hold. While coming back up, kick backward with your right leg. Switch and use your left foot and keep repeating for 45 seconds.

  • High glute kickbacks

Assume a push-up position but do not straighten your legs, let one leg touch the floor with your knee bent. Raise the other leg high up and kick. Repeat this for 30 seconds before switching sides and raising the other leg. Use your hands for support and ensure your upper body remains straight.

  • Split squats

It is mainly known as the Bulgarian split squat that you work on for a minute. Place a step, bench or block behind you. Place your left leg on the bench with your knee bent. Bend your right leg without slouching the upper body. Slowly squat until your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Switch sides and do this for the other leg. 30 seconds for each leg.

  • Rest

Before you begin the next round of exercises, which is repeating from the top, ensure that you take a minute to catch your breath. It helps you prepare for the next round. You should be as energetic as during the first set because a sluggish workout will not give results.

Once you go through this first stage, repeat the same steps again for another ten minutes, rest and pick up the third round. Dividing makes it easy to do and more efficient.

After a few weeks you will see the results, a nice round booty that looks great in a sexy skimpy or cheeky or ruched tie sides bikini bottom!





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