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Happy New Year & all the best to you & your dear ones for 2017!


I would like to take this opportunity and wish you and your family lots of love, joy, happiness, prosperity and excellent health!
I would also like to thank you for wearing my pieces and/or reading my blogs and/or following me on my socials and being part of my community! I appreciate your support, it means more to me then words can express! I hope for the coming year that I will be able to continue to deliver what you like by doing what I love.


With the start of a New Year I always find it a perfect time to reflect on the year that has ended while setting up resolutions and goals for the New Year. If you read books like 7 Spiritual Laws of Success or The Secret than you have heard how much impact our past and current thoughts and intentions can have on our future. Based on that whatever we think of expends and we get more of it. Hence, when we have positive thoughts of abundance we get more of that in our life, when we think negative thoughts of scarcity we get more of that coming our way.  

So I looked back at my eventful 2016 and reflected…
By doing so I chose to focus mostly on the happy and great things that happened to me in 2016 and WOW, was I amazed and grateful when I finished my list of happy & great things that happened to me in 2016! By putting everything in writing it just seems a bit more clear how blessed I am!

Deciding on a change in career, creating 'Thalassa Boom Resort Wear', participating the Curacao Swim Fashion Week, many photo shoots, saving a puppy, great times with family & friends, many business trips to Miami, fun trips to NYC, Las Vegas, Holland, the Caribbean, etc.

Of course I also experienced some less exiting moments in 2016, but when I reflected upon these moments I realized that some of these were actually opportunities and various were essential in order for other good or even great moments to happen!

I will give you just 1 example of a less exiting moment that happened to me last year which greatly impacted my life: last year when the New Year started I had just decided a month before to give up my position as a Creative Director for my partner’s company after concluding that I wanted to do something new & more creative and that this company needed to be mine! Although I have had some ideas and dreams about what I wanted to do, I really had no clue what direction I was going to take at the start of 2016. Being an avid sun & bikini lover, starting my own swimwear brand had been a dream of mine for years. But since I have no experience in fashion at all, I disregarded this idea every time I played with it.

But fashion being my passion this idea kept pulling, so I decided instead of starting my own brand, to start selling beautiful evening dresses made by a talented US based designer. Many people have asked me for years why I did not set up my own boutique. I never pursued this since a physical shop is not my thing. While I was selling the dresses I thought: why not sell my own styles online? A career in fashion was now or never. So in January 2016 I decided to pursue my dream and I started working on my first designs and on my brand Thalassa Boom Resort Wear

And then a few weeks later in early February on the 3rd day of our annual family & friends SKI holiday, I experienced a bad fall on the beautiful white slopes of Vail. My skis did not come off during my fall, which resulted in a bad knee twist and all my ligaments in my right knee were stretched and torn in a way that surgery was inevitable. The remaining part of that holiday I spent in the hotel room and doctors offices.

What was meant to be a nice and active holiday in the snow with family & friends ended up differently. Nevertheless great opportunities came out of this!

The accident not only had an effect on the remaining of my holiday, but also on the remaining of my year 2016. I had to undergo a lot of physical therapy sessions for many months and in the first month I was not able to drive or do sports, so I spent a lot of time in bed. And this is when I really got started with my company! I used all this time to set up Thalassa Boom Resort Wear. I was able to get so much done while recovering from my injury (even traveling up and forth to Miami in wheel chairs with family & friends assisting me to keep the production of my collection moving), that I was able to launch my online store in September last year. So my unfortunate accident created an opportunity to realize what I dreamed of for years! This is so great about life; less fortunate incidents can be opportunities to make great things happen! :-)

Of course not all less exiting moments lead to great things, but since the unhappy moments are over and done with anyways, I rather consider them just as memories since there is no need to hold on to them and allowing them to effect the new year as well! Having a positive view on the past will help being more optimistic and happy about the future, and since our thoughts fuel our actions, think how powerful this can be!

I have also made up my resolutions for 2017 and at the end of this year I hope to be able to reflect upon my resolutions and determine that once again I had a great year. But now I first need to focus to make that happen!

What I like about these exercises is that it forces us to see the positive in everything! And regardless if you believe in the power of intention or not, what can be wrong about seeing the positive instead of the negative?

If you would like to try this exercise, please find a simple format below in this blog. Keep in mind that your answers can be from your personal/private or business life, and they can be as small or as big as you'd like them to be. Please also keep in mind that this exercise is not to pass judgment on your past actions. It doesn't matter what you could or should have done, what matters is what are you going to do about it now! 

All the best! 





What are the top 3 happy moments you had in 2016?
What are the top 3 wins you had in 2016? 
What are the challenges that you overcame in 2016? 
Who are the people in your life that you are thankful to have and that were there for you in 2016?
Name at least one thing that happened for you in 2016 and that you feel lucky about! 

Which 3 wins would you like to accomplish in 2017?
Which 3 changes would you like to make in 2017?
Which 3 things would you like to continue doing in 2017?
Which 3 new things would you like to do in 2017?
In which 3 relationships would you like to invest more time?


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