Posted on 04 May 2017

Picking the Right Handbag for Every Occasion

Deciding on the right handbag for a particular occasion sounds easy, until the last minute and you can’t choose between the clutch bag or your one-of-a-kind statement bag. The same way we carefully analyze what we wear for certain occasions, so must we decide on the proper handbag to complete the look.

For the empowered women out there who have completely understood their style sense, what works and does not work for them, I’ll toast to that. Most of us have that one, special handbag we carry with us everywhere we go. It is perfect for the office, ideal for those date nights, handy to go shopping, great for everything. Stop, you’ve got it all wrong!


  1. Occasion.

Before you decide on a bag, keep in mind the dress code and also the occasion. Of course, your evening gown look will not be complete without your favorite, versatile clutch to go with it. Are you heading on to the gym? It’s just rational you’ll carry your duffel bag and not your itsy-bitsy cross body. A day at the beach asks for a stylish beach bag big enough to fit your towel, sunscreen and essential articles. The bag you decide on must prove to be functional for that particular event, while also accessorizing your look to some extent.

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  1. Never compromise on design.

Always go for the well-tailored bags of exceptional quality. Designer bags are a plus, but that does not mean you cannot find an affordable, timeless bag that works for you. Choose bags made from pure leather whenever possible for your day or evening look as they are attractive and last longer than faux leather bags. For beach days choose a bag made from a fabric that stays well when exposed to sun, sea or chlorine water and sand. Bags made from neoprene (fast drying fabric used for body suits for divers and surfers), straw or plastic materials are ideal since the dry fast and keep well in the sun. Avoid busy handbags with attention grabbing logos on them when you wear busy patterns in your outfit as they draw all the attention away from you. Busy handbags can better be combined with solid colored outfits. Remember, the bag is an accessory that enhances your image, and it should not steal your show.

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  1. Less is more.

The less drama a bag has going on; the more versatile the bag can be. If versatility is a top priority for you, make sure to go for bags with classic, simple designs, and of earthy tones such as browns, greens, creams, taupes and grays. Such bags can work effortlessly in a variety of occasions, for either work or play. Embellished animal print bags are best suited for informal events such as dates or casual appointments or the beach and combine best with solid colored outfits. They can accessorize your casual daily look or your beach look and make you stand out.


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  1. Size matters

Deciding on the essentials that you need for a particular occasion can guide you towards choosing the right bag. For example, your work bag is probably big enough to accommodate your electronics and papers without compromising on comfort or style. A clutch bag is not new to the red carpet since the essentials at that time could be your phone and maybe a tube of lipstick. And when you hit the beach or the gym size matters since you do want to stuff everting you need instead of carrying it in your hands.


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  1. Matchy-matchy.

Your mode of dress and your bag should complement each other. It does not flatter you, and certainly not the world either when your outfit and choice of bag are as far away from each other as the east is from the west. Some may argue that matching your entire outfit ensemble is as old as the Titanic; it does not hurt to abide by a few rules. If you must match two different styles, make it such that the bad builds on the outfit, and does not tear it down. Handbags are a form of accessory and must be treated as such if all else fails.


Enjoy combining your right handbag to the occasion!



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