Posted on 02 February 2017

Owning At Least One Hot Bikini This Summer Is A Must

I love the summer. For me, this is a great time of the year. It’s the time of the year when I can really let go of everything I’m working on and have a fabulous blissful time at the beach or poolside. However, you might have already guessed this from my business and my location (I design swimwear & I live in Curacao!). Pool parties and fun days at the beach are all-year round for me, it’s part and parcel of what I do and where I live. Almost every weekend you will find me either at the beach, or on a boat or around the pool. A lot of the time it’s business orientated, and that’s great – I love any excuse for a day in the sun and a good party. But come summer, I’m in full swing, attending some of the coolest and most glamorous beach and pool parties in the world!

Ibiza, Marbella, Sardinia, Cannes, Formentera, Miami Beach, The Hamptons, Bloemendaal aan Zee, so many great places to choose from! Pool attendants, refreshing cocktails, socializing, laughter, sunbathing, and repeat! These are just a few things that I love about summer, which is why I always have a hot bikini for every occasion.

Hot bikinis for summer are imperative. Every woman must own at least a few, especially if your summer pool party goes from day into night. I myself always travel with numerous hot bikinis in hand – to me they’re an integral part of who I am, how I dress and what I do!

No matter what time of the day it is, I believe in looking good, and a hot bikini is something I can count on to help me out, which is why I’ve incorporated a range of beautiful bikinis for pool parties, from day-time flirty bikinis to nighttime glam bikinis that scream “Look at me!”

Fashion weeks around the world were showcasing hot bikinis in anticipation for the imminent summer. I was thrilled to see a lot of sparkle and glitz, which is the perfect look for an evening pool party. My Swarovski studded bikini range is hot. These show-stopping bikinis turn heads and make people say “Wow!” With a Swarovski jeweled bikini there’s little more you need. Accessories can be kept to a bare minimum because all eyes will be on you and your sexy bikini, and let’s face it no matter whether it’s an evening summer pool party or a pumping club, it’s a woman’s prerogative to look hot in the summertime! 

Nighttime bikinis for lux pool parties are plentiful in my bikini collection. You can’t go wrong with a sexy black bikini; this is my ‘safe’ color when I feel like making a less-is-more statement. To glam it up even more, I like to team it with a kimono cover-up or a lace cover-up-come-dress, which is the perfect finishing touch while I’m sipping on my favorite summer cocktails with my friends.

I don’t believe there is a special time or place for being glamorous; everyone who knows me knows I love to dress up and make a statement, so it’s not uncommon for me to be seen during the day in a sexy bikini as well, although these tend to be more colorful and boast fun patterns. I like my daytime hot bikinis to be a little on the skimpier side to avoid those awful tan lines, but to get around this problem completely, I prefer to wear a skimpy bottom & a bandeau style bikini top when I plan to wear a strapless dress since I’ll be able to avoid streaks across my chest. Of course I remain sensible and while I do love the sun, I always protect my skin. Make sure you do too!

Snake Pink Bandeau Bikini Top and Cheeky Bikini Bottom of Thalassa Boom Resort Wear

During a daytime pool party it’s even more essential to cover up for obvious reasons. I’m conscious of my skin and try my utmost to protect it from the sun’s damaging rays. During the day, I’m in and out of the pool more, which is why it’s more practical to wear a long cover-up that ties at the front; it’s simply a matter of undoing the tie, slipping it off and diving into the refreshing pool to cool off. As well as my cover-up, I also love to wear big floppy hats and oversized sunglasses – these are just two things that never go out of fashion in the summer months.

Black Halter Bikini Top and Cheeky Bikini Bottom with Swarovski Crystals | Cheetah Gold Triangle Bikini Top and Ruched Back Tie-sides Bikini Bottom | Short Kimono in Cobalt Blue Lace of Thalassa Boom Resort Wear

Investing in some hot bikinis for summer 2017 is a must. Look great and feel sexy this summer with some of the most beautiful 2017 bikinis from my limited edition bikini collection because life is so much better in a beautiful bikini!

Enjoy your summer & look hot!





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