Posted on 09 December 2016

Welcome to our GUEST BLOGGER: Michelle Verpuggi popular from her blog Supongo Estilo!

Michelle is a Dutch blogger and resides in Amsterdam. Two weeks ago Michelle flew down to Curacao with her boyfriend ‘Lars’ for a joint blog post and a photoshoot about my brand Thalassa Boom Resort Wear which we shot at Papagayo Curacao.

The day before Michelle flew to Curacao she asked me about the weather on the island and I sent her a picture from our terrace of a super sunny & bright day with clear view on our crystal blue ocean; a ‘typical Curacao day’ as it had been for months… The day Michelle arrived in Curacao the sky turned grey and the next day the rain kicked in for a full week! Although it did not rain continuously, the sky did remain grey almost constantly during her stay. 

It was race against the clock to capture the very few moments that the sky was good enough to shoot, which was actually only during sunset. In Curacao the sun sets within half an hour or so, therefore we had little time to capture what we wanted to and it took several days to come up with just a few ‘usable’ pictures. The results in terms of lighting are unfortunately not breathtaking, but Michele’s great body and good looks surely make up for that!

Enjoy Michelle’s story and her pics! 

I am now in Miami, the city I love so much! In my next blog post I will bring you a full story on Art Basel which took place last week in Miami and I will make a great list of my hotspots in Miami!

Have a great weekend!




I am Michelle Verpuggi and my blog is called Supongo Estilo!

A few weeks ago Thalassa Boom and I, Supongo Estilo, were talking about a possible collaboration in Curacao. Although I liked the brand immediately and I am always open to new collaborations, I was a little hesitant since I never worked with a swimwear or a resort wear brand before… Thalassa and I discussed the opportunities and how we could work with each other and two weeks later I was doing a photo-shoot in Curaçao!

I stayed at Papagayo Beach Hotel (which is definitely the best and most trendy hotel in Curaçao), where I had an amazing time! It was the first time that I visited Curaçao and I enjoyed exploring the Island. In the beginning I was a bit confused, because although I traveled a lot, I never saw such colorful houses like they have in Curacao. Many of these houses were constructed by the Dutch back in the colonial times, so the architecture was not new to me, but they bright colors were. I liked it!

During my stay I explored the whole Island by car, which is best way to go if you love sightseeing! I visited almost all areas on the island, I wined, dined and did many cocktails at various bars and beach clubs and I went scuba diving in beautiful bays with crystal clear waters and I even swum with sea turtles; how amazing is that? 

Next to all the sightseeing I met up several times with the Thalassa Boom and and she showed me her collection and I really loved her pieces!

It’s a brand for sexy and strong independent women who love to rock the beaches and beach clubs around the world! We did a few amazing shoots, with a very professional team and although the sky was grey and it rained a lot during my stay, I like the results!

Although I love the entire collection, my favorite pieces of Thalassa Boom | Resort Wear are:


Animal Green Bikini

Black Bikini with Swarovski Crystals

Hot Pink Snake Bikini

Silver Snake Bikini


Multi Color Kimono

Leopard Print Kimono

Orange Leopard Kimono

Yellow Lace Kimono


Black Bag with fringes and studs in gum neoprene

Yellow Camouflage Bag 

Silver Bag

Pied-de-Poule Bag


Thalassa Boom swimwear has a great Brazilian fit and is very comfortable. All swimwear is lined with soft Italian fabric, which gives a nice feel to the skin. The cover-ups are great to wear over the swimwear and look stunning when I visit the French Riviera this summer! ;-) The bags are super light and ideal to take to the beach since they are made of neoprene, which is the same material of which body suits to go surfing and diving are made. I also think that the bags are great to wear with casual outfits, even in fall and winter in colder countries!

Although Thalassa Boom just started her brand only this year, I know that she will rock the world within a few years with her amazing swim- and resort wear brand!

I enjoyed this lovely collaboration, I enjoyed Papagayo and Curacao and I’m sure many more collabs will follow…

Wishing you the best for the future!

Much love,

Michelle Verpuggi
Supongo Estilo





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