Posted on 30 May 2017

Luxury swimwear secrets unveiled

You have repeatedly been disappointed by your choice of swimwear, maybe even occasionally embarrassed. It is, however, no reason to dread summer and give up enjoying the beauty of a good sunny beach day. I dread having to adjust while swimming. Many people do too, and that is why luxury swimwear is the path to take.

People just pick out a swimsuit that fits and probably a good color. There is more to choosing the perfect beach wear. I stay clear of anyone who takes bikini shopping lightly. Do spend quality time selecting so that when you step out, you shine and feel every bit as sexy as you are.

Luxury swimwear brands have taken the market by storm and are becoming as recognizable as clothing brands. Many beachwear designers have come out more distinctly, and their designs are now recognized all over the world.

I recently came across information that states, the processes of coming up with a designer swimwear are even more engaging that clothing designs. Swimwear is tiny but takes a lot of time to get it right. The fabric used in designer swimwear will have you feeling like you are walking the red carpet. I guarantee that once you try luxury swimwear, you will never go back to a regular swimsuit.

Designer swimwear brands mostly use expensive fabrics, which means that it is excellent quality and very durable. If you want beach wear that lasts, this is your best bet.

I do not know anyone who can say they have had a comfortable swimsuit before trying the luxury swimwear. It fits perfectly, hugs all the right curves and you do not need to adjust all the time. A suit of this level of comfort has me convincing you to ditch everything else and invest in several of these.


Luxury swimwear secrets

You may not know these facts, but they will go a long way in enticing you to go out and buy a designer swimsuit. Through these secrets, I hope to give women everywhere useful information about that lovely little swimsuit that costs an arm and a leg. Yes, that’s right, luxury swimwear is expensive. Brands are going for $100. The only comment I have on the price is that it’s worth it.

  • Interchange your suits

One suit is not enough, and this is true for many reasons, but the secret is however related to caring for your swimsuit. Do not just enjoy the first day of your vacation or summer; I want to make sure that every day is bliss.

When you take off your swimwear, you will notice that it stretches from wearing it. It is important to give the swimsuit time for the fabric to shrink back together. For this reason, I say, wear your suits interchangeably so that each has time to take back its shape and you will have the best experience every day.

Camouflage Gold Halter Bikini Top & Boy Shorts Bikini Bottom | Hot Pink Triangle Bikini Top & Ruched Back Tie-sides Bikini Bottom | Black One Piece Monokini Swimsuit with Swarovski Crystals | Snake Gold Bralette Bikini Top & Cheeky Bikini Bottom with Swarovski Crystals | Snake Silver One Piece Swimsuit | Alligator Blue Triangle Bikini Top & Ruched Back Tie-sides Bikini Bottom with Swarovski Crystals | Tiger Gold Bandeau Bikini Top & Cheeky Bikini Bottom with Swarovski Crystals

  • They are safe from sand, chlorine, water and salt

Many swimwear fabrics suffer from these four factors. They make many of your bikinis fade, harden the material, sand gets in between the fabric and sometimes give odor. All these issues are less through investing in a designer brand that will remain good as new even after exposure to the sun; it also does not stretch easily.

  • You can use as clothing

Due to the quality of their fabric, you can use these pieces as your body suits. They have very gentle on skin sides that do not form pressure lines along your skin. You have maximum comfort with these brands. Designers pull every possible stop and pay keen attention to detail to make these luxury brands the most comfortable beachwear available.



Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Black One Piece Monokini with Swarovski CrystalsThalassa Boom Resort Wear Snake Silver One Piece SwimsuitThalassa Boom Resort Wear Snake Gold One Piece Swimsuit, Express Red One Piece Swimsuit, Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Black One Piece SwimsuitThalassa Boom Resort Wear Snake Silver One Piece Monokini with Swarovski CrystalsNorma Kamali Cut Out SwimsuitFella Midnight-blue cutout swimsuit

If you are not yet convinced and still have reservations about buying a designer swimwear, think about the one you have now in comparison to a designer brand, and you will find yourself rushing to get one. I mean who does not want comfort?

Enjoy your luxury swimwear!
Stefàn – Personal Shopper in France


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