Posted on 03 October 2017

How to Wear Animal Print Swimwear

There is an acceptable and unacceptable way of doing everything. When it comes to animal print, I do not think you can ever go wrong. It’s chic and never goes out of style. It’s a print for every season. When you know how to pull it off, you have discovered gold. It is the gift that will get you noticed the moment you step out. Everyone will want to know how you did it so be a trendsetter.

Animal prints have made their way into the swimwear world a longtime ago and they never left and will never leave. There is just something about an animal print that never goes out of style.


Tiger Gold Bandeau Bikini Top & Cheeky Bikini Bottom , Snake Hot Pink Triangle Bikini Top & Ruched Back Bikini Bottom with Tie-sides, Alligator Green Halter Bikini Top & Cheeky Bikini Bottom, Cheetah Gold Triangle Bikini Top & Ruched Back Bikini Bottom with Tie-sides, Animal Pink Bralette Bikini Top & Cheeky Bikini Bottom. All swimwear by Thalassa Boom Resort Wear

If you are weak at heart, do not try an animal print, believe me, this is for the bold who are not afraid of scrutiny and who are ready to make a fashion statement. Leopard print is the most common, but there are other available animal prints like snake, zebra, alligator, etc. all in different colors which should be a significant consideration when you are choosing.

How you wear this print determines the kind of day you will have. Let me be clear, do not overdo or you end up looking like a runaway leopard. Know how to match these prints to other colors and do not have a rainbow of colors then throw animal prints in there. It will get messy. Here are the easiest ways of wearing animal prints comfortably for a beach day:

I. Start with your confidence

This may sound, but not many people will readily don an animal print and walk outside with their head high. People are fidgety; wonder if they look too cheesy, is it good enough? Well, here I am to tell you that before you put on that animal print swimwear, put on your confidence. Confidence is the only way that you will look and feel good in animal print.

II. Do not be a walking rainbow

I cannot insist on this enough. Choose colors that complement the print and save yourself from looking like a rainbow. Too many colors are a sure fashion kill in spite of the importance of color, trend carefully. If you have brown and black prints, use colors like black, white or even brown. Do not add pink, sky blue and red to a brown and black print mix.

Another reason why you need to use colors that are the same or more mellow than the print is so that your print is the point of focus. Do not steal the attention from your animal print.


Black Bandeau Bikini Top & Black Boy Shorts Bikini Bottom,  Short Kimono with Leopard Print in Silk by Thalassa Boom Resort Wear

III.   Look for a nice chic fabric with the right shade of colors

Animal prints come in many variants and depending on the color and the fabric they can look tacky or super chic. Make sure you choose nice rich fabrics with the right color palette and the correct color combination.


Long Kimono with Flower Zebra Print in Silk,  Snake Gold Bralette Bikini Top & Cheeky Bikini Bottom with Swarovski CrystalsBeach Bag in Cheetah and Flower Print, Long Kimono with Dark Leopard Print in Silk, Snake Gold One Piece Swimsuit,  Beach Bag in Cheetah & Gold & Camouflage Print in Neoprene fabric. All pieces by Thalassa Boom Resort Wear.

IV. Wear a nice and light fabric

Spandex is great for swimwear. For your cover up cottons, silks and organza’s will work better when choosing an animal print.

V. Accessorize! Accessorize!

Do not just rock an animal print perfect look and forget the accessories. It will be a dull look that does not have much going on. To keep the outfit intriguing, accessorize and make it interesting that people try to figure it out so they can try it out themselves.

For those who are skeptical about summer animal prints, I find that it is very helpful to start small. If you cannot wear an animal print bikini or kimono, then get a beach bag with a little of animal print on them. This helps you get a feel for animal print in small portions until you are ready to embrace it fully. You can also start with slippers, hair pieces, and hats.


Beach Bag in Cheetah and Flower Print,  Beach Bag in Cheetah & Gold & Camouflage Print in Neoprene fabric, Beach Bag in Cheetah Pied de Poule Print. All pieces by Thalassa Boom Resort Wear

VI. Have the appropriate cover-up

If you are in animal print swimwear, you want to ensure that you choose cover-ups and accessories that complement and even out the print. You cannot, under any circumstance mix animal prints like having a leopard tunic and a zebra print bikini. This just does not work; you need to even out the print with solid colors so choose your cover up wisely.

When you decide to wear animal print, you have opted to go all out, and need to be sure that you can pull it off. Do not go crazy on accessories, the right amount is crucial. If you want to try, look for combinations that are recommended by swimwear websites. 

Mariana in a Black Fitted Tunic over a Lime Green Triangle Bikini Top & a Ruched Back Tie-sides Bikini Bottom of Thalassa Boom Resort Wear





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