Posted on 08 June 2017

How to treat your lips in the sun and look good

Your lips are an important feature that you may often overlook but should take care of. They add to or compromise your sexy especially during summer. It should be easy to treat your lips and take care of yourself when you know how to.

Luscious lips are not hard to attain; you just need to commit to attending to your lips regularly even amidst enjoying the beautiful summer sun and sandy beaches. The primary cause of dry lips is the lack of moisture. During summer holidays, while you strive to get a perfect tan, you forget to protect your lips, and they get sunburn. The easiest ways of treating your lips, so they look good in the sun is:

  • Apply balms with sunscreen

As many of you know, or probably should be aware is that there are lip balms that act like sunscreen for your mouth. While you are out in the sun getting a tan, remember to bring with you lip balm that doubles as sunscreen which should be your new best friend.

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Depending on how long you will be out under the sun, it is important that you apply this lip balm regularly. It not only guarantees that your lips will be safe from the sun but also keeps them moisturized and looking good.

  • Familiarize with different lip balms

When you are not tanning under the sun but it is summer, and you need to protect your lips. It is important that you know what lip balms are good for your lips. The advantages of lip balms are not just insulating your lips to lock in moisture or having great flavors. There is a lot more to it.

When looking for the perfect lip balm or gloss, ensure to look for those that have hydrating capabilities and oils that are good for your lips. You can find beeswax, vitamin E, almond and coconut oils. Petroleum jelly is also a great type of balm.

Choose products that cater to your skin. You can opt for medicated balms but always ensure to use them as per the instructions. Camphor balms are perfect for sensitive skin but using lip treatment lotions with Shea butter is even more fulfilling.

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  • Avoid licking your lips

Close to 90% of the world population believe that the fastest way to fix dry lips is licking them. It is a myth untrue as any other superstition out there. Licking your lips does not help your lips, it instead removes the protective layer of your lips which leads to more damage. When your lips are dry, apply your favorite balm or gloss.

  • Use ice cubes

Do not stay under the sun for so long and even when you do not stay for a long time, ensure that every time you walk away from the sun you hold an ice cube to your lips. The sun and heat suck away the moisture from your mouth, but when you use an ice cube, it soothes your dry skin and rejuvenates your sweet moisturized lips is back in seconds.

  • Drink a lot of water

Carrying a water bottle with you is important. It is important that your body remains hydrated and in this way, all the parts of your body will get adequate hydration too. For your lips to stay moisturized all day long, take water as much as you can, especially when it is hot. Water makes everything better, and when you see how luscious your lips are even in the hot sun, you will be glad.

  • Avoid matte lipstick

Matte lipstick is great, subtle and chic. Many people love it but what they do not know and should be aware is that it is very drying. It dries your lips very fast. When it is summer, out in the hot sun, stay away from matte lipstick and instead opt for a simple gloss or balm that will take care of your lips.

For evening events and other seasons, by all means, use matte lipstick but sparingly. For beach purposes, however, I recommend that you do away with lipstick completely and embrace balms, glosses or petroleum jelly.

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Caring for your lips is important, no one wants dry, cracked lips that do not flatter your look and dampen your spirits on your day out in the sun. Arm yourself with everything you need to take care of yourself and enjoy a wholesome day out. Do not wait to treat them when already sunburnt. Prevention is always better than curing.





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