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How To Maintain Your Bikini Body All Year Long

Posted on 11 October 2017

How To Maintain Your Bikini Body All Year Long

As some parts of the world head into the winter months, many people make a conscious decision to take a break from exercising and eating healthfully. After all, it’s the season for staying indoors, enjoying mugs of hot cocoa, and indulging in holiday fare. But lack of activity combined with a high-calorie diet can lead to weight gain as studies have shown that people tend to gain an average of one to five pounds of body weight during the winter season. As a result, the perfect bikini body that you worked so hard to get may look very different once it’s time to don your swimwear again. To maintain your figure, it’s imperative to keep working out, eat nutritious food in reasonable portions, and practice healthy habits all year long.

Why you’re eating more and exercising less in winter

There are science-backed reasons why most people gain weight once the winter season starts. Researchers found that as the weather gets colder, the serotonin in people’s brains is depleted, which leads to a craving for carbohydrates. Moreover, as the days get shorter in fall and winter, people are less likely to workout and are choosing to have a more sedentary lifestyle. In addition to that, the holiday season can also have a negative impact on your stress levels, which can cause you to eat unhealthy food. However, there are ways to maintain your bikini body and keep the fat at bay even during the cold months. Here’s how to do it.

Workout regularly for 30 minutes        

Most people cannot bring themselves to exercise during fall or winter as it can be too much of a bother to go to the gym, and there’s also the fact that exercising out in the cold can be excruciating. However, some workouts can be completed in just 30 minutes a day in your home. One such workout to try is the P90X3, an intense workout that builds muscle, promotes weight loss, and keep you in shape and bikini-ready all year round. It can also promote better balance and posture as it keeps your whole body toned and strong. 

I have been working out on P90X and P90X3 dvd's for over 8 years now and I love it! I have a very busy daily schedule and for me the convenience of working out at home is just perfect. The combination of exercises in P90X3 in just 30 minutes a day is ideal and I can recommend anybody to try it! I work out 4 to 5 times a week. For me this is enough to feel good and look good. I just turned 43 and I still feel good wearing a bikini on the beach!

Be mindful of your carb intake

It’s natural to crave comfort food such as mashed potatoes, pasta, and savory or sweet pies when the weather turns frigid. However, these foods combined with too little exercise can make you gain weight, so be sure to stick to just the right amount of carbohydrates—about a fourth of your plate—if you’re not too active. You can also eat protein at every meal to keep cravings under control.

Be wary of calorie-laden holiday fare

If you’re at a party, you don’t want to be the person to say no to everything, but you don’t want to eat everything in sight either. What’s a girl to do? For a fit and trim bikini body, pick and choose what you’ll eat at parties and family dinners. For instance, you can say no to anything deep fried or swimming in butter and go for healthier fare, such as vegetable sticks served with a yogurt-based dip. Mixed drinks and punch are also laden with calories, so if you want a drink, stick with a glass of wine, champagne, or water.

Follow these tips to maintain your bikini body during the cold months. Not only will you look great in your swimwear, but you’ll feel great having a healthy and strong body all throughout the year!



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