Posted on 10 July 2017

How to get your bikini line in tip top shape

Maintaining your bikini line is important whether summer just ended or not. Many people opt for different hair removal; some will go for a standard removal and others a full Brazilian wax or any other waxing styles out there. And some women still like to shave.
I feel women and all the hoops we have to jump through for a perfect looking body. Especially a beach body that we cannot compromise on ever.

Waxing is refreshing and freeing but can also be hellish when you begin dealing with the pain of the aftermath like ingrown hairs, inflammation or even bumps. Do not tolerate these issues as they could ruin the rest of your summer, and that is why they need immediate treatment. To all women out there suffering the aftermath of waxing and shaving, I have solutions for you for each issue.

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  • Inflammation

Inflammation on the skin and in this case on your bikini line area is the irritation and reddening of the area. It could be as a result of several things, but the important thing is to know how to take care of it as soon as it happens. When the irritations begin, it is crucial that you resist the urge to scratch as it makes a bigger mess.

An anti-inflammatory cream is a great help. It is gentle on your skin and gets the irritation relieved in no time. You can use products like Johnsons Baby oil. It has Aloe Vera, Vitamin E which moisturize the skin and soothe away the irritation.

Oils that have chamomile and hydrocortisone creams will work within two days. All itching and redness will be gone, and you will be back in shape.

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  • Hyperpigmentation

It is dreadful and stressful to see your bikini line getting dark spots. It is also very scary to think that you may not step out in the sun for the rest of summer. The primary cause of hyperpigmentation is, well for lack of a better way to put it, you. When you pick on the ingrown hairs, you create the dark spots.

The other reason is the person who waxes you. It is a very sensitive part of the body, and if the specialist uses very hot strips, then hyperpigmentation happens. You need a component known as Dimethylmrthoxy chromanyl palmitate that is available in PFB vanish. It will fade away the dark spots and also take care of the irritations and hairs.

  • Ingrown hairs

They are the mother of all bikini line problems that you can experience. They are painful, stressful and ugly. They will take away the joy of summer the second they appear. An ingrown hair is when a thicker strand of hair grows back into the skin where you waxed. They irritate and itch that it could embarrass you in public.

When you have ingrown hairs, resist the urge to pick at them because this could lead to a more irritating infection. Several ways are available to take care of ingrown hairs all of which are effective. They include:

  1. Using cortisone cream that helps to take away the pain and irritation. It will also take care of inflammation
  2. Tend Skin liquid is an aspirin based anti-inflammatory that will also rid you of ingrown hairs. Use it every day so that you combat any ingrowns

III.   If you fell into the trap and picked at the hairs, then you may have an infection that you can heal with an antibacterial cream. You know you have an infection when the area you plucked itches, and the bumps get bigger

  1. All the bumps that appear as a result are easy to remove with no bump skin treatment

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It takes different times for the problems to entirely clear. Between two days and a week, all the itching, inflammation, redness and ingrown hairs disappear. It is important to choose your wax technician wisely too so that you have someone who knows what they are doing and that they are dealing with tender skin.

These are all great solutions, but my best advice to you is:

Save up and laser away all that hair that you would like to get rid off! After various treatments of laser hair removal you will no longer need to shave and all your lasered areas will be as soft as the skin of a baby! Do make sure you find a good clinic and carefully follow their instructions.



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