Posted on 30 April 2017

How to get a perfectly safe sun-kissed tan

We love a good tan, especially when going to the beach. Every bikini just looks so much better with a nice tan and when looking better, we feel better!

The world has embraced technology so hard that it keeps coughing up new things every other day. There is now technology that gives you a fake tan. I find that a sun tan is more wholesome because you get the fulfillment that it’s natural and it provides you with a dose of Vitamin D. The sun, however, has also become very unforgiving; the rays are more lethal and piercing, use them sparingly.

People are using so many creams and ointments to get tans while others still rely on the sun's natural light. Whether fake or old fashioned, skin tans can be dangerous; the ointments could backfire, cause acne and other skin related issues. When it comes to the sun, you run the risk of getting uneven tans and sunburns.

It is important that while you do not want to look pale during summer, get a safe tan that will not bring you unforeseen problems. These tips help you get a tan safely and evenly.


When Getting a Sun-Tan:

A sun tan requires time and patience, but it is great because it increases the release of serotonin in your body which is great for reducing anxiety, giving you Vitamin D and also reduces the risk of cancer. To get a healthy and safe sun tan, here is what you need to know

  • Always use sunscreen

What you want is to be sun-kissed not sun baked. It is, therefore, important that you apply sunscreen before stepping out into the sun. It protects you from getting nasty sunburns. Always remember to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you step into the sun.

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  • Plan your tanning time

Do not spend the whole day under the sun in the name of getting a tan. Understand the time it takes to get a tan and respect it. When your body is completely tanned, no more melanin will be released, and instead, the UV rays will burn your skin.

When it comes to planning tanning time, it is also important that you move around. Give your whole body equal amounts of time to turn. If you lie on one side for so long, you get uneven tanning which makes you look spotty.

  • Seek shades

Take breaks in between the tanning periods to protect yourself from skin damage. The sun can be brutal and a break every hour or so is good. It also allows you to get time to moisturize before getting back under the sun.

  • Use tanning oils

If you want a fast sun tan, you can apply tanning oils that help to accelerate the tanning process. You can get your whole body tan quicker than a normal tanning process will take. But make sure the oils contain sunscreen!

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  • Cover your eyes

It is important that your eyes have protection while you get the tan. You can use sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun rays. The blinding light from the sun could bring you eye problems.

When Getting a Tan Without the Sun:

In this case, you can visit a salon where they give you a spray tan. It is important to be wary of this as they can lead to skin diseases and may not be as you pictured them. Ensure that you know the following before engaging in this.

  • Avoid tanning beds

Many people fall into the trick of using tanning beds. There is no natural sunlight in the tanning beds, but they use UV to treat your skin which is harmful to your skin. It increases the risk of cancer. There is a high probability that you could get skin cancer from the radiation in a tanning bed.

  • Get an FDA approved spray tan

Most of the salons will use knock off cheap spray tans that cause more harm than good. It is important that you get a quality spray tan which you are sure of the warranties, manufacturers and any side effects that come with using it.

  • Get protection for your eyes

Needless to say, the spray tans and any other chemicals used for tanning should not get into your eyes nor should you ingest them. They cause irritation to the eyes and could even be more harmful.

  • Do not use tanning pills

While they may seem attractive because you do not suffer the exhaustion of moving around in the sun or getting a spray tan, these pills are all chemicals. These chemicals will eventually damage your skin and your liver.

It is imperative that after getting any tan, you get to moisturize after. You can get a cold or warm shower after the tanning and then enjoy the glow of your tan.

Enjoy your tan!







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