Posted on 15 January 2018

How to choose your color coordinated resort look

Everything is better when you put some thought into it. It helps to make informed decisions and put together cute and stylish outfits. You can take your time and rationally analyze each one so that you have pairings that work to express you, your personality and style sense.

Color is a very initial part of this process, and it is the first thing people notice before they even begin to see the design. It is, therefore, imperative that you choose colors that flatter you, your skin tone, and size.

Picking out colors and coordinating colors, especially for summer is very easy. Summer is an enjoyable time that allows you to go all out and express yourself in color. It is the season for brightness, and when you are good at putting together a colorfully combined outfit, you are ready to dazzle all summer long. The best way to choose a color coordinated outfit is:

  • Find the colors and patterns that flatter you

Finding colors and patterns that bring out some of the best features about you is a great place to start. It is important that you consider each color and pattern very carefully before you settle on it. Many colors and various patterns are considered slimming. Do not just take the word of others; however, find out what specific colors compliment you and what patterns work well for your body type.

Some colors will work magic for your complexion. They make your skin glow. These are great summer colors that will make you feel like the beautiful woman you are. You can also pick colors that bring out the beauty of your eyes or your body’s figure. When you have colors that flatter features about you, you can walk confidently and enjoy a splendid time.

  • Learn how to harmonize the colors and patterns

However much you love different colors and patterns or look good in them, there are colors and patterns that you just cannot mix. Colors and patterns are a dangerous ground that if you are not careful could ruin your look. Putting together too many colors and patterns will leave you looking like a scarecrow, which does not do much for your self-confidence.

When you pick your items, find the colors and patterns that calm each other and not those that scream at each other. If the colors do not complement, then you do not have a perfect look.

  • Be true to your personality

Your fashion choices are very personal. You should not follow what everyone else is doing blindly. It is important that you understand your character so that you pick colors, designs and styles that reflect who you are. Yes, the pieces that you tend to favor say something about who you are.

A perfect look is one that you put together yourself and feel comfortable in. If the color, pattern or style does not sit well with you, but people push you towards it, remain faithful to who you are and make your decisions.

  • Find pieces that make you feel good

There is that one color or style that you just feel happy and elated when you see it or wear it. That is your favorite color or style, the one that speaks to you. It can be more than one color or style. It is important to find out which one or ones they are and take advantage of how they make you feel so you can walk tall, feel confident and enjoy your time at the beach!


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