Posted on 10 November 2016

“You should write about your brand, your life, your travels, where you shop.” 
“Write about what drives, motivates & inspires you.”
“Tell us about your love for swimwear!”

This is what I heard so many times in the past year from many people, that I decided to think this over and consider doing a blog.

A blog would be a new challenge in my life and I love new challenges! So when I spoke to my SEO consultant that I was playing with the idea of starting a personal blog, he got extremely excited and told me to start a.s.a.p. since a blog could benefit & strengthen my company tremendously (yeah, a confirmation to do it!),  followed by: if you do it right!

Ok, … but how do I do it right? I am neither a writer nor an editor; I am actually not particularly fond of writing at all! Furthermore I lack time in the day as is and on top of this I tend to keep my private life to myself! Plenty of reasons why I should not start a blog! Still I thought, why not give it a chance…? So I started enumerating why I SHOULD start a blog and what I COULD possibly share with my potential readers.

I realize that there is much happening in my life that I could share… I could perhaps inspire, motivate or amuse people, and some of my tips & tricks might even be beneficial to others… (of course this is just my humble opinion and  you will be the final judge to this! ;-) )

Next to this, as I said before, I love new challenges. I strongly believe that new challenges enrich our lives. By stepping out of our daily routines and comfort zones, we open ourselves up to new situations, lessons & people and we always learn from each experience. Whatever direction these challenges take us, they always make us more knowledgeable, stronger and wiser human beings. So often when taking up new challenges I have learned that what I feared off most, or what I thought of not being my strong suit, eventually turned out to be such an amazing experience that I would not have wanted to miss it for the world!

This was reason enough for me to start my blog. I dread writing, I fear starting a blog because perhaps nobody would read it and then it would be a terrible failure, but that for me was reason enough to jump at the opportunity and to convince myself that I can do this! (let’s see..! ☺)


So here I proudly present to you my LIFESTYLE BLOG:

My blog will be about everything that fits my life-style: fashion | food | travel | family | friends | cocktails | parties | music | my brand | my work & anything else that enriches my life!  

I will post weekly on & and if exiting stuff is happening I might share more! So keep an eye on my blog or sign up to receive notifications when I post! Please comment, like and share my posts and let me know your thoughts on anything from how I could improve my topics or writing, or just tip me on what you would like to hear from me. I am grateful for your feedback, even if it is not positive. I love to learn and improve my techniques and deliver you posts that you like. Your help in this is very much appreciated!

If you are a blogger yourself and would like to blog with or for me, please drop me an email! I love joint ventures, it helps building both brands and it is always fun to meet new people!




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