Posted on 27 March 2017

Five Basic Handbags You Can’t Do Without

For every girl, handbags are the ultimate accessory and statement piece. The right handbag can provide a total face-lift to the most depressing clothing styles. It’s been a long week, and you have rocked all your favorite outfits in your wardrobe. You humbly reach out for your tried and tested pair of jeans, and some plain white tee. You hold your hair back in a simple bun to complete your laid back look. 
But every style has its limits. So much for being a plain-Jane, you have to add a dose of life to your outfit. What other ultimate accessory do you reach for other than the handbag?

Bags can help change the look and mood you portray to others. Handbags are an extension of our personality. Investing in the right bags ensures you always have the right accessory for every occasion.


  1. The Structured Office Bag

This bag will be your friend throughout the week as you navigate through business meetings or job work outfits. You carefully select this bag to match your work clothes, while also remaining true to your personal sense of style and your identity as an individual. This bag should be large enough to store work files, IPads or laptops, and other work essentials. You can also neatly fold in a scarf that you will wrap around your neck at the end of the day.



  1. The Girly Clutch Bag

They come in all shapes and sizes. Shiny, glitzy clutches, warm leather clutches, rectangular clutches, cylindrical clutches, you name it. These versatile bags are perfect for storing your mobile phone, some extra cash and your favorite tube of lipgloss on the go. Whether you're having a fabulous time partying with friends, or a walk down the red carpet, the clutch bag is a girl’s best friend.



  1. The Tote Bag

There will be some days when you need to be in a million places, doing a million things at the same time. You need some space to stash that extra pair of comfortable flats to change into when your four-inch heels are killing you. You cannot leave your laptop behind, so in it goes! Not to forget, you are sleeping over at a friend’s place, so some extra clothes are in order. You have not packed your make-up kit yet, and the novel you stole from a friend promising you’ll be done reading by the next week. Forget the weight; at least you look good carrying it.


  1. The Statement Bag

This is the true definition of an extension of oneself. The Statement Bag will do your introductions for you and announce your style, and you don’t even have to speak. The Statement Bag will scream out to the world all the thoughts you would never say out loud. The Statement Bag is here to break the rules for you. Mismatched, printed, colorful, too-hot-to-handle…something-or-other. So what? The statement bag shouts out your identity.


    5.   The Beach Bag

They come in various fabrics, shapes and sizes. Important is that your beach bag is able to hold your towel, sunscreen and essentials products you want to take to the pool or the beach. Choose a bag made from a fabric that stays well when exposed to sun, sea, chlorine water and sand. Bags made from neoprene (fast drying fabric used for body suits for divers and surfers), straw or plastic materials are ideal since the dry fast and keep well in the sun. 

With these five bags in your possession, no matter what occasion, no matter what ensemble you have on, you’re carry-on effortlessly completes your look!


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