Posted on 14 November 2017

Essentials for your beach bag?

After a long winter many people look forward to a day at the beach. Preparing to spend as much of the day at the beach, it is very easy to overlook small things.

Your beach bag is essential to your day at the beach. Everything inside that bag is important and if you forget something, the rest of the day could be affected. Knowing what to pack in your bag and what should never lack in your case is imperative.

A guide of all the beach bag essentials should make your next trip to the beach easier to plan and pack. Each of these items is crucial, and you should never leave home without them:


  • Swimwear

Wear or bring the swimwear that you look great in and feel comfortable in. For an enjoyable and relaxing day at the beach it is very important to feel confident about yourself. Choosing the right swimwear is therefor essential. Make sure your swimwear matches your body type, your skin tone and that it matches your cover-up. If all this is in place then you will most probably have no worries and you will be able to relax and enjoy the sun.


  • Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential to protect your skin and If you do not have sunscreen out in the sun, you can suffer great sunburns. You could opt to avoid the sun, but that would be no fun. All, the fun exposes you to the sun. It is vital that you read up on the different kinds of sunscreen and settle on the best one for you. Always apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you step out. While you are outside, ensure to use sunscreen after at least two hours.

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  • Freshwater

Staying hydrated is another very crucial part of being at the beach and out in the sun. If you do not get enough water, your skin tends to dry up, your lips crack and your organs suffer. Before leaving the house, ensure that you pack an adequate amount of drinking water in a good bottle that keeps it cold. It is always advisable to bring your water bottle everywhere with you. We love the Swell bottles that come in various sizes and in many colors so they mix and match with any outfit.

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  • Sunglasses and a hat

Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the bright sun rays when you are getting a tan or enjoying the summer sun. The hat will make sure that the scorching sun does not reach your hair. Heat is a significant cause of hair damage.

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  • A cover up

A cover up will help you in so many ways and so many situations. When you have had enough sun, your cover-up will come in handy. But also when you decide to have a drink at the bar or a lunch in the beach club a cover-up come sin handy.


  • A towel

Your towel is also essential to have so that you can sit on when using the beach seats and beds. Big soft and nicely printed towels always work out well. You can try to match the towel to your swimwear.


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  • Flip-flops

Your choice of footwear at the beach is important. If you decide to go for a wedge, at some point, you will want some freedom on your feet. Having a pair of flip-flops in your beach bag helps your feet relax, and you do not deal with sore heels.


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  • Waterproof speakers

To kick back and relax at the beach, you may want to listen to your favorite music that will soothe your spirit. So pack some headphones or a speaker in your beach bag.

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  • Reading materials

There is no way that you will spend the whole day at the beach running, swimming or doing other activities that require you to be active. At some point, you will want to sit under a shade, enjoy the breeze as you catch up on a book or magazine. Pack your favorite book or magazines that will help you relax while you enjoy the setting summer sun.

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  • Basic makeup and first aid essentials

Have basic requirements like lip balm that has sunscreen to protect your lips and face cream to moisturize your face. It is always good to be prepared and to have the essential first aid essentials like painkillers, bandages, fashion tape, etc.




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