Posted on 19 January 2017

Christmas and New Year's I spent cruising the Caribbean with my family on the enormous Allure of the Seas of Royal Caribbean. Although cruise ships are not my cup tea at all, being together with my entire family was wonderful! My mom & dad invited their 3 children (my 2 brothers & myself) and spouse and their grand children for a family holiday. Since we all live in different countries and we do not see much of each other during the year, this was a real nice opportunity to catch up and to spend some quality time together.  

Our itinerary included some nice islands in the Caribbean, one of them being St. Martin. I just love this island which is partly Dutch and partly French. The French influence, the great French food, trendy beach clubs and the vibrant night life (which we unfortunately could not experience since we left the island around sunset) make this island a very special place. We also visited 'Old San Juan' in Puerto Rico. This well kept town with it's cobble stone streets and beautifully colored houses is absolutely worth a visit! The Latin and American influence also give this island a special touch. Furthermore we visited St. Thomas, St. Kits and Nassau - Bahamas. While St. Martin & old San Juan are great islands to just wander around town, the other islands are better to either take an island tour by car or just visit one of the many beautiful beaches and spent a nice relax day soaking up the sun.

A real perk of cruising the Caribbean is that it is the ideal trip to wear resort wear every day all day! So that is what I did! I took my favorite pieces of my Thalassa Boom Resort Wear collection and I mixed and matched my cover-ups, bikinis & bags with great accessories such as necklaces, hats and sandals. For 10 days I wore pieces of my own resort wear collection and concluded that I do not need to change anything about the fit or styles. I felt great and very proud wearing them and I enjoyed passing the website of my Thalassa Boom Resort Wear shop on to woman who stopped me to complement me on my pieces! 

 In  front of Allure of the Seas in St. Martin with my Gold bag & my Black Metallic skirt of Thalassa Boom Resort Wear | Me & Hans in the Harbor of St. Thomas  

Great sites of St. Martin  

 Wandering around old San Juan, Puerto Rico

The poolside of Allure of the Seas | A selfie of me in my Snake Gold bikini with Swarovski Crystals of Thalassa Boom Resort Wear

The advantage of cruising is the convenience it offers. Everything is organized and especially when traveling with kids or large groups this could come in handy. All you need to do is set a time for dinner and repeat every night. All other meals and activities you can just walk in and out as you please. The other advantage of a big ship when traveling with large groups is that everybody can do whatever they like during the day.  These ships offer many activities on board for both children and adults, even when visiting islands. So you can choose to disembark or stay on the ship. Especially for kids ships like Allure of the Seas or Oasis of the Seas are terrific. My children really had a ball. They were busy doing all sorts of activities all day & night and they made so many friends on board, that they did not want to leave when their 10 days were up.

In contrary to my kids, I was really happy to depart the ship! :-) I am just not build for cruises. For me this form of tourism is too massive and too commercial. I do not like to be surrounded by so many people for such a long time and I do not like the concept of eating all together in massive dining rooms, tanning on massive pool decks or working out in a massive gym. I prefer boutique hotels, smaller restaurants & gyms and smaller crowds, and not to be stuck on a ship, but free to choose where to go whenever I want.

In the end I had a great time spending the holidays with my family ♥, but I will not embark a cruise ship any time soon! I hope I did not demotivate you to take a cruise, it is just not my cup of tea -as I said before! ;-) 

Have a great week! 





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