Posted on 03 June 2017

Brazilian Bikinis Are IT!

If you still do not own a Brazilian bikini, you are losing in the swimwear game. They have taken the market by storm and found their place. They are comfortable, sexy and very feminine. They accentuate your curves, and there is something for everyone. What I mean by this is that there are so many Brazilian bikini varieties that you can choose the one that fits your body best.


There are many reasons why people cannot seem to get enough of the Brazilian bikini, among them is the fact that they are fashionable. Yes, I do insist that you remain vogue even when you are kicking back and enjoying the sun. Every dawn is another chance for the Brazilian bikini to evolve and become even more sophisticated.

It is the most favored bikini by celebrities. Anytime you are in a Brazilian bikini, you not only feel like a star but the comfort and the way it hugs your body makes it unbeatable. They have a unique style that sets them apart and makes them the most sought out bikini in the swimwear market.

Kim KardashianDoutzen Kroes, Gisele Bundchen 


The Brazilian bikini designers have thought of everything that you possibly could need in a bikini. It even gives a slimming effect that makes you feel sexy and sassy all summer long. The most common distinguishing features of the Brazilian bikinis are:


  • Style

Brazilian bikinis do not follow a definitive style which is why I love and recommend them to all women. If you want to feel sexy, stylish, chic, comfortable, happy and summer ready, go Brazilian bikini. The Brazilian bikinis keep reinventing and get better each time. You can get the triangle bikini that will not only give you sufficient coverage but also minimizes unwanted tan lines. There are one-piece Brazilian bikinis too.

Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Snake Silver One Piece Monokini Swimsuit, Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Black One Piece Monokini Swimsuit with Swarovski Crystals, Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Snake Gold One Piece Swimsuit


There are standard bikinis, perfect for the first timer who is testing out the waters. It is important that as a woman, even if your aim is to feel sexy and noticed, be comfortable first. I do not advocate that you jump several steps, let it be a step-by-step revolution for you. Delving too fast into very sexy swimwear can make you fidgety all day or even wound your self-esteem.


The most daring Brazilian bikini style is the G-string that will show more than it covers. If you are a confident woman who is comfortable in this bikini then by all means rock it and be sexy. If you have reservations, I don’t think you should even take a second look at it in the shop.

 Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Snake Silver Skimpy BottomThalassa Boom Resort Wear Black Skimpy Bottom


  • Color

Summer is beautiful. A day at the beach should be filled with color in regard to clothing, drinks, the deep blue waters and the horizon, all inviting you to let loose. I wish everyday was summer mainly due to the swimwear enthusiasm and the fun that comes with feeling hot sand between your toes. Brazilian bikinis not only color your world but make you fall in love with color.

They provide a very broad range of colors that you can choose from, everyone’s favorite color is included. You can also get a Brazilian bikini that is a burst of different colors or get twin bikinis for your friends. You can choose a color for each day of the week while on vacation.


  • Prints

The sky is not even the limit when it comes to the variety of Brazilian bikini prints available. Graphic prints, animal prints are all available. Lace is also an option when it comes to Brazilian bikinis. Each print is unique to itself which makes your bikini unique and enviable.

Prints enable you to marry colors and designs together. Through this, I find that many people can accessorize with very many things that a solid color single print bikini would not allow.

 Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Tiger Gold Bikini, Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Snake Lime Green Bikini, Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Animal Pink Bikini.


  • Fabric

The most popular Brazilian bikini fabrics are made of polyester mixed with spandex, which is not only comfortable but also very sexy. It gives the bikini durability, protects you from the sun rays and also from bacteria penetration and enables easy cleaning. It is also a great material that is light and allows for aeration.

There are other fabrics like crotchet, which are chic and sexy, and microfiber, which is very comfortable that you hardly notice you have it on.

Brazilian bikinis are a force to reckon with anytime. They are everything that a woman needs to feel sexy in any body type. They cater to every woman's needs with their diverse styles, colors, accessories and fabrics. I urge everyone who is looking forward to a wonderful time at the beach to invest in a Brazilian bikini. Get a whole Brazilian bikini drawer; it is worth it!



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