Posted on 04 July 2017

Beach bags that can be used as everyday bags

A beach bag does not have to be just any bag; you can choose the style and have a bag that serves you on more than one occasion. What I’m saying is that you can convert your beach bag into an everyday bag. Not all bags will transition successfully, that is why it is important to know which bags you can use as both a beach bag and an everyday tote.

For a woman, it is essential to have a good bag that looks sophisticated and offers sufficient space to bring along all her essential items. There are many beach bag brands that you can use for other occasions and still look chic in them. They have the unique feature of being great multipurpose bags.

Sometimes, it does not come down to the bag; it comes down to you. How well can you pair your bag and outfits so that it suits many occasions? If you are a style guru, you can get any bag to suit any occasion. These bags, however, are ideal for different purposes, not only going to the beach.


  • Gold Beach Bag

Gold is very sought after for any event. Daily outfits, trips to the beach and even office meetings have women using stylish gold bags. You cannot miss with a gold bag; you command style and attention and it matches practically every outfit! When you are out on the beach, you can pair a gold bag with other gold aspects in your beach ensemble. Once you are off the beach and into formal clothing, you can use the gold bag and match it to your jewelry and very outfit will combine well!

Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Gold Bag 


  • Silver Beach Bag

Next to Gold, Silver is also very sought after for any events. Having both a Gold Bag and a Silver Bag is actually a must, since both colors combine well with almost every outfit or beach wardrobe you choose. You can combine a Silver Bag and match it to your Silver jewelry. However this is not a must. Nowadays it is very common to mix and match silver, gold and rose gold and wear it with every outfit of your choice.

 Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Bag in Silver

  • A Woven Beach Bag

Woven bags radiate beauty, relaxation, and style. They are simple yet very sophisticated. They have decorative details that make them even more attractive. If you have a plain woven bag, you can add décor to it by using ribbons. Depending on the occasion, you can choose the colors and the prints and just like that; you have a multipurpose bag.

Mar y Sol 'Ibiza' Woven Tote with Tassel Charms


  • Floral and Animal Print Beach Bag

A bag that has a mix of the two things that never go out of style is exactly what you need. Animal prints are trendy for any season, and you will never go wrong in something floral especially when you clad in solid colors. When a bag marries the floral design with animal prints, it is suitable to take to any event not only for beach uses.

Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Bag in Cheetah & Flower Print


  • Straw Beach Tote 

A straw tote may not serve well for formal events, but they will do fine for a weekend getaway or get together. A social event with friends, this bag will not only hold all the essentials you need but also be a great accessory to your outfit. It is also very useful as a beach bag because it has ample space for the things you need for a day out under the sun.

Cesca Rope & Straw Tote


  • Color Block Beach Bag

If you have a color block bag that you are hanging on to and not sure where it will best suit you, take it out with you at the beach and afterward, walk tall with your bag in a formal event where the beauty of the color block will sell your look even more. A camouflage bag that has a hint of another solid color to it is a fantastic example.

Thalassa Boom Resort Wear Bag in Yellow and Camouflage Print

Enjoy finding matching your Beach Bag for everyday occasions and lazy beach days!


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